Process Counselling
and Psychotherapy


Welcome to Process Counselling and Psychotherapy, based in the heart of Chorley, Lancashire.

  • Do you feel that you have lost your way at the moment and feel a bit stuck?
  • Has a negative experience (recent or past) had impact on your sense of self?
  • Have you been trying to get on with life, not wanting to burden anyone with your worries?


You have come here today because something within you doesn’t feel right. You may have noticed that life and work has become more of a challenge and how you relate to others is not how it was or how you want it to be.

Emotions might be distressing you or you may feel empty and disconnected. Maybe you have experienced something that you need space to process, or you feel alone in your pain and feel that now is the time to reach out.




Whatever your story, coming to therapy can give you the space to understand what you have been through, gain understanding of your emotions and the clarity to start the process of turning how you feel around.

Psychotherapy is a collaborative process where we will work together at your pace towards your goals, bringing you the peace and confidence within yourself moving forward.

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