Couples Counselling

As well as individual therapy I offer couples therapy sessions. Our relationships with our partners/spouses should provide us with a sense of safety, comfort and support. And while all relationships experience ups and downs, sometimes couples find themselves stuck which can bring a sense of pain, isolation, and conflict for the individuals involved.

More and more couples are coming to couples therapy before the point of crisis, as they can identify that the relationship is not as they wish and are looking to prevent escalation. Couples counselling can be helpful for couples that are at any stage of the relationship and of any age. It can help build communications, develop emotional connection and help you to see things from the lens of each other.

Problems that can bring a couple to couples therapy include:

  • Communication breakdown
  • Lack of intimacy/a feeling of disconnection
  • Trust and jealousy issues
  • Support for the relationship during external pressures (e.g. work, finance, extended family conflict, life transition)
  • Differing goals/values
  • Parenting issues

It’s important to note that couples counselling is a joint process and not one that is about attributing blame. The focus is to explore the feelings, thoughts, and interactions within the relationship in a safe space to work towards a healthy relationship going forward, being mindful that both parties need to be committed to the process and be willing to look inwards at self and your own role within the relationship, as well as being to identify and articulate your needs within that relationship.