Corporate Support



In collaboration with Steven Ratcliffe, of SR Therapy Centre, I offer well-being support for the workplace.

Personal challenges affect us all and when we turn up to work we don’t always leave them at the door, effecting how we manage in our jobs. Mental health can be a huge cost to businesses;

  • It is estimated that at least 1/5 of sick days are due to mental health.
  • Mental Health is regularly cited as an explanation of staff leaving their place of work.
  • Staff may still attend work when struggling, but this can have implications for work as nearly half of staff who suffer with mental health report a drop in the standard of their work and levels of productivity.

Steven and myself work in different modalities of psychotherapy, this allows us to combine our knowledge and experiences to build a comprehensive option for your work place.

We deliver group sessions to share knowledge and build understanding on common areas experienced in the workplace such as stress, anxiety, burnout etc. We will give staff members the opportunity to develop self-awareness of how such things affect them as well as this we share strategies to help build resilience, manage stress and anxiety, and create a healthy work-life balance.  We take a flexible approach in tailoring sessions to meet the needs of you, your business and your work force.

To discuss what would be helpful for your business and staff, please get in touch either by phone or email.